Different Responsibilities and Duties of Security Guards

Times are changing fast. We all are becoming more vulnerable to different threats. Today, threats can be from anywhere as no place can be considered completely safe not just because of the potential threats of the thieves and miscreants but largely because of our ignorance and carelessness. It is indeed true when we are seeking safety our focus should be preventive rather than reactive and this is where choosing good security guards comes into the picture. A good security guard company orange county makes sure to provide enough training and mock drill experiences before deploying them into security services.

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A certain amount of training and experience must be sought before selecting a security guard or company associated with providing these services but above all is the right attitude that matters. It is the right attitude of the security guards which can make a difference. If they can understand the importance of their profession as they are entrusted for someone else’s life and well being, they will surely become better professionals. The right company finds the right individual and imparts proper training providing a set of guidelines, rules, and code of conduct.

Below are some of the main responsibilities and duties which every security guard must follow:

Staying Alert:

Alertness is the key to success in this line of work. A good security guard always stays alert. He is not expected to feel sleeping while giving services. Hence, he must sleep well before working hours to ensure a high level of security. Slumber and laziness are the number one deterrent that he must avoid. The right personnel is expected to have a keen sense of smell, sight, hearing and a good attention span without getting bored. Every responsible Security Guard Company Orange County instills the quality of valuing physical fitness among their professionals because it helps in staying alert.

Good Observance Skills:

The Personnel entrusted for the safety of others must be a good observer. The slightest of the irregularities should not be overlooked. If the concerned person observes anything unusual then he must report to the competent authority without making any delay. He should have a penchant for checking and detailing.

Security Guard Orange County

Must be Visible:

Being visible may seem like something obvious but according to many surveys based upon the opinion of victims, it has been found that not being visible is the number one reason for almost every incident that otherwise could have easily avoided. A visible professional from a distance reduces the chances of an untoward incident many folds. Moreover, nicely clad personnel in uniform may be taken as a police officer which is enough to deter any crime.


With the changing times, we are becoming more and more vulnerable to security threats so much so that no place can be considered safe. The prime reasons for the same are not limited to the threats from the miscreants but our ignorance and carelessness are also the reasons behind it. If we want to feel safe and ensure security around ourselves then we must focus on having a preventive approach rather than a reactive or offensive approach. A security guard can be hired for preventing any security threat. Some of the responsibilities must be expected from him includes staying alert, having observance skill and being always visible. A good security guard is one having professionals fulfilling all these responsibilities and duties.

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