Our Initiative

All of our security officers must complete intensive training and testing before assignment to your facility and throughout their employment at United Guard  Security. This ensures that the officers on your site are fully prepared to protect your assets.

United Guard Security’s Training Program Contents:

  • Duties and functions of a protection officer
  • Public relations
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Patrol techniques
  • Report writing
  • Legal authorities and responsibilities of a protection officer
  • Fire hazard: detection and prevention
  • Procedures for emergency situations
  • Safety issues
  • Introduction to first aid

United Guard Security’s training program also includes:

Training on United Guard Security’s code of conduct, attendance, punctuality, and appearance

  • Advanced security training
  • First aid/first responder/CPR training
  • Suspicious people/packages
  • On-site training at your facility consisting of:
    • Specific responsibilities, expectations and procedures
    • Fire awareness and response
    • Disaster/emergency response
    • Familiarity with your facility and the contact people in your company

Supervisors test each security officer on each shift when doing site visits

  • Test on knowledge of site-specific requirements
  • Test on security knowledge
  • Test on United Guard Security’s policies and procedures

Daily Electronic Reporting (DER)

As a security guard provider, the United Guard Security understands how critical it is to collect, deliver, and access the information that our security officers obtain during their shifts. As a result of that understanding, United Guard Security has partnered with major software firm to provide an efficient way of transmitting this information.
Daily Electronic Reporting App speeds the delivery of important information from our officers to our clients by delivering their reports via the web. The submitted reports are securely stored in the cloud so that United Guard Security and our clients have instant access to them as needed.