Our clients typically face an over-burdened workload every day. By using Daily Electronic Reports we can minimize the time associated with reviewing our officers’ reports. Our clients are able to get an overview of the security function in one place in just minutes, giving them more time to manage their other daily tasks.


For most of our clients the amount of paperwork that they handle from day to day can be a nightmare. By using Daily Electronic Reports we are able to reduce the amount of security related paperwork that they must handle. Our clients can just log into our client portal to review all their security reports.


Another challenge that our clients face is managing the maintenance and upkeep of their facilities. Regular upkeep is a must to help keep your employees and customers safe and secure. Daily Electronic Reports allows our clients to review and manage any maintenance related issues that have been identified and reported by our officers.


Keeping your employees and customers safe is the top priority for United Guard Security. In order to ensure that our officers respond appropriately to an emergency our Guard Reporting App uses 3 functions to help ensure proper response: 1) An incident checklist that guides officers through an emergency; 2) Digital post orders that provide detailed response actions; and 3) Real time review of incident reports.


Premises liability lawsuits result from the failure of business proprietors, to implement reasonable and ordinary security measures for the protection of their customers or employees. Such measures may include monitoring lighting, repair of locks, and overall maintenance of the business property. Our Security Guard Reporting App helps reduce your liability by allowing you to accurately document the management of any security related matters.


As part of our Los Angeles Security Guard Reporting Service we also offer our clients the ability to track our officers’ patrols in real time through the use of a Los Angeles Security Guard Tour Tracking System. Guard tour trasystem have become an essential tool for our clients . The purpose of a guard tour tracking system is to monitor the time and log the activity of security officers while making rounds of your property. These systems are designed to prevent costly losses such as vandalism, theft, corporate espionage and damaging accidents. You can see our Los Angeles security guards and on-staff police officers in real-time as they patrol your property right from our client web portal.

As a Los Angeles security guard vendor UGS realizes that the ability to remotely manage and supervise our officers is essential in providing customers with high quality service. Based on that belief, we invest in real-time officer tour tracking systems to help ensure that our officers are performing comprehensive patrols of our customers’ facilities. In addition to our supervisors and managers being able to monitor the officers’ activity in real-time, we also provide this same ability to our customers. So just like our supervisors who monitor our officers throughout the day using the tour tracking system, our customers can as well.


Our officer tour tracking system is unlike many of the analog tour tracking systems that our competitors currently use. That’s because our tour tracking system is built around three (3) distinct technologies:
1) A Mobile Tour Tracking App
2) QR Code Technology
3) Global Positioning System

Mobile Tour Tracking App

When our officers are doing their patrols, they use the Mobile Tour Tracking App to scan QR codes that we place throughout your facility. These QR codes are placed in the key areas, both inside and outside, that the officer should be monitoring.

QR Code Technology

QR codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that were first used in the automotive industry. We use this same technology to mark and identify specific areas of your facility that should be checked by our officers (i.e. Main office, rear stairwell, etc). When the officer checks these areas, he uses the Mobile Tour Tracking App to scan the QR code that was placed in that location. When the officer scans the QR code, that scan is instantaneously uploaded to our account where we can see it in real time. At the time of the scan, the Tour Tracking App also determines the officer’s position on your property using the Global Positioning System.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS is a space based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions anywhere on the planet. By using GPS not only are we able to see a list of the locations that the officers patrolled and checked, but we can also visually verify that they are in the correct location as seen in this image below again in real-time.