• Selection Process

    United Guard Security’s success has been attributed to our continuous commitment to learning about the common challenges of potential clients. The United Guard Security Company prides itself on our selection process. We have a “quality before quantity” approach which enables us to continue to grow and meet our clients’ needs. In fact, we believe that quality is the foundation to building quantity, therefore we seek trustworthy guards with proven track records of character, punctuality, and efficiency.

  • Secure Assets While Minimizing Liability

    The United Guard Security Company invests a great deal of resources to train and provide our guards with the essential tools to excel. We have a 24 hour management team that is ready at a minute’s notice to deal with your unexpected emergencies. We understand the importance of feeling as if you’re “in good hands” and we are committed to making this a reality for our clients. We also train the eye of our guards to inform potential liability situations to property management where applicable.

  • Quarterly Training

    We provide quarterly training for all of our security patrol officers; These trainings are conducted by local police officers and martial arts specialists. Training consists of many aspect of law enforcement training, including but not limited to chemical, firearms, martial arts, and handcuff usage training.


    We provide property managers and their residents with a 24/7 convenient dispatch number. Residents can call the dispatch number if they have information on illegal activity, while wanting to remain anonymous.
    Special patrol agent checks (SPA) are provided at no additional charge. This is an individual or individuals who often are the owners or senior security officers that randomly go to United Guard Security properties two to three times per week and ensure that patrol officers are doing a proper and efficient job of patrolling your property.